Sue’s Glutenfree grocery store. Specialised in Gluten-Free

Glutenfree Grocery Store

SUE’S GLUTEN FREE Shop is a family business born out of both need and frustration.  Not able to source products suitable for a gluten intolerant condition.

Sue and Bill are lovers of all things beautiful, and the food is no exception. Over the years they struggled to find quality glutenfree grocery products. Let alone a reliable glutenfree grocery store.

Instead of complaining about the problem, they wanted to fix it. The lack of quality glutenfree grocery store resulted in “Sue’s Gluten Free”.

A grocery store where you can find all you need for glutenfree:

  • baking,
  • gluten-free cakes and biscuits,
  • gluten-free meal basis,
  • gluten-free sausages,
  • dressings and all that goes with it.

The Mission and Vision for the Glutenfree grocery store

We aim to offer an interesting and a reasonably priced range of glutenfree only products.
Our online and “brick-and-mortar” glutenfree grocery store is for people, through no fault of their own who are either coeliac or have a gluten intolerance.

It was and never is about becoming the next internet millionaire. The mission is about providing quality glutenfree products at value for money to the broader public and people like yourself.

Those retail suppliers who did offer gluten-free products are overpriced and stock a  limited range. We decided to focus on a solely gluten-free outlet in Dayboro and an online store.

We offer an exciting and reasonably priced range of products to those people who look for a diet change.

Products are available in Dayboro or on our website. Ordering is made easy using the web-shop, trustworthy couriers are used and you be surprised by our flat delivery fee.

Should you not find the gluten-free product of your choice ask us, and we will source it for you.

  • To provide existing and future customers with the quality product at best prices.
  • To support Australian suppliers and producers.
  • To provide you with the satisfying service.
  • To have a great selection of gluten-free products.
  • To support local communities and charities.

The People

The team behind the, which is the only real glutenfree grocery store online and offline.

Bill and Sue Greene are the driving force and owners of Sue’s Gluten Free. HELP4BIS is a small business help group, helping out when and where required with the presence of Sue’s Gluten Free shop